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The old Traveler.

27th November 2007

The old Traveler.

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My mom just sent me some photos she took of me riding Traveler about a month before the disease took hold of him. You can really see how rolly polly he was especially in the last photo.

Rammy & Trav

K we’re gonna run the pattern.

Rammy & Trav

Get ready Mom, cuz when I start he’s a maniac. See?


Gotta get us a runnin’ start.

Get set…

Go go go! (Yeah we’re haulin. *rolling eyes*) lol.


And we’re done.

And we’re done.

Hey did the other horses see me runnin fast?

Did the other horses see how fast I was?

Who cares, as long as Momma did.

Who cares as long as Momma did.

Now you whoa while I take your boots off.

Whoa now while I take off your boots.

My boy.

My boy.

Please don’t leave me. Not yet. We have another 10 plus years to enjoy together! Dogs and barrels to chase. Fields to run through. There’s so much we haven’t done yet. Winning senior barrels at Congress. Learning how to jump. Pulling Mammaw’s One Horse Open Sleigh. And don’t forget, you’re supposed to carry my SON’S wife down the driveway too (yearsss from now). So see? You can’t leave. You have to get better and come back to me like you were just a few short months ago.