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23rd November 2007


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Well it snowed overnight! I woke up to about 2″ of snow this morning, the day after Thanksgiving. Boy what a day to drag in Christmas! Traveler is good, but his duct tape is starting to come off on his blanket. He needs a new one. Maybe Santa will bring him one?

I snapped a couple of shots this morning of him in the snow.
Trav in snow
Snowy pen

He’s been doing alright since the fall. I’ve started him on a new feed ration, thanks to a very knowledgeable TB owner, who’s rehabbed 2 OTTBs and has 3 total. She suggested I keep Trav on the Strategy and just supplement with beet pulp and wheat bran. So I’ve been doing that for him and since it requires soaking, I’ve been mixing in hot water so it forms a warm mash. He’s getting used to it. LOL!

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  1. 1 On January 7th, 2008, Samantha said:

    Just so you know…beet pulp does not have to be soaked. That’s one of the most common misconceptions in feeding horses. The choke rate in horses fed unsoaked beet pulp is no higher than in any other feed supplement.