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New year, New hope.

8th January 2008

New year, New hope.

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated Traveler’s blog. Since our last update, thanks to some generous donations and help from family and friends, we were able to secure a second round of Marquis……and Traveler finished the last tube just last week. I really hadn’t seen much difference in his walking, but since he didn’t seem to be in a very advanced state (no leaning, no major falling, etc) it’s not quite as easy to see a difference. However, I took him out of his pen today to stretch his legs and to start some rehab, and he seemed to be walking much better. He even carried on and lunged and jumped and bucked and trotted and was a major jerk (typical Traveler) on the lead.  Through his broncing around he didn’t seem too inhibited.  It was also muddy and he seemed like he was able to get his feet where he seemed to want them, so that’s definitely good.

Then I drug a 4×4 pole over to the grass and started working him around on it.  We walked over it some and he picked up his back feet really well to step over it.  We crossed it back and forth several times and then I tried backing him over it.  He backed up until his ankles hit it and he didn’t seem to want to or know how to cross it going backwards, but I really encouraged him and when he finally got one foot over, the next one went relatively easy, so that was really good.  The one negative thing I noticed was when he trotted, he still seemed to be crossing over so much in the back (only sometimes tho, not every stride), that he would knock himself (ankle to cannon).  If anyone has any comments on the crossing over I’d love to hear it.

We’re also still plugging away at the additional feed and weight gain and playing with supplementation ideas.  I’m trying to decide what route to take next also.  Ideally I’d like to get a larger area fenced in for him over here so he can work some of this out on his own, but that requires more money (for fencing) and time/effort.

I’ll keep everyone updated and will get pics and videos as I get some new ones taken.