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January update

4th February 2008

January update

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Well despite the cold and lack of turnout I think I’ve seen a very slight change in Trav for the better.

More specifically, I had turned him lose the other day to graze a bit in the yard while I cleaned out his pen. Now you see, that practice was much more widely accepted over at my folks’ place, because I *knew* he wouldn’t go anywhere. Doing it here was a bit risky, but I felt confident if he DID decide to go somewhere he’d be back or I could catch up fairly easy. I got a bucket of grain ready (just in case) for a quick grab and shake. Now I drove by him 6 times to dump the little bucket of manure in the field and it was nothing. The 7th time however was a different story. All of a sudden it was a horse eating monster and he starts trotting off thru the yard and stopped at the edge of the bean field and literally looked back at me over his shoulder like “hmm, should I go for it?” and then he took off trotting thru the field in this great big airy dressage horse type manor. I hollered at him a couple of times and then darted for the easy-grab grain bucket so I could shake it but was still watching him, and he literally made this reining sliding rollback type move out in the field about 50yards out, and NEIGHED as loud as he could and came RUNNING back. Like “HEY lookit me, I’m free!!!….. wait, if I’m free, that means MOM isn’t here anymore! MOOOMMMM!!” So to say the least, I got to see him really moving at all gaits, and he never ONCE took a wrong step! I was so happy! :-) I’m pretty confident that he’ll be riding safe (for basic/light riding and trails) later this summer. In the mean time I need to get some more weight on him, and am looking for ideas on adding more weight/muscle to ONE side vs. the other. He may always have a deficit over his right side, but as long as it doesn’t hinder him, I’m fine with that. So after his little escapade, I snapped a couple pics and had Aaron do a quick video. It’s not very good quality and please excuse the lack of up-close zoom but you should be able to see him moving. If you pay close attention you can see him picking his feet up (instead of dragging his toes like he was doing last fall) and tracking under himself really good. He needs his feet trimmed but I’m not too concerned yet. So without further ado, here’s the vid!

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Also, here are a couple pics.  You can see how he still has some neurological problems following through with his stance.

Trav legTrav leg 2