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In March it snowed…

9th March 2008

In March it snowed…

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…and upon Traveler I rode….

Ram & Trav March 08

Well this weekend I believe we got our final Big Hoorah for snow for the year. The avg overall was about 12″-14″ but it blows so hard out here in the Plateau of Jamestown that most of it didn’t stick (which is why you can see my driveway in spots) but instead it just blew into HUGE drifts. So I got a wild hair up my who-ha and grabbed Trav and slipped a headstall on and hopped on…

We rode around for just a few minutes and he did great! I can’t wait to ride him more (after the baby is born of course) and I really think he’ll be fine. Maybe not 100% all of the time, but that’s fine with me! Here’s a video clip:

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  1. 1 On May 9th, 2008, Johnna Hale said:

    I glad your horse is doing well. Could you tell me what treatment you used? We found out yesterday my daughters horse has EPM and i am researching everything I can to find the best treatment for him. He shows signs of muscle atrophy in his neck & shoulders and the blood test was positive. I am trying to get him to Texas A&M for a second opinion.

  2. 2 On June 2nd, 2008, Ramsey said:


    Traveler went through 2 months of Marquis dosed at 1200# (he’s about 1100 or a little under). Then he was on a large dose (8000IU+/day) of Natural Vit E supplement (which is to help with nerve regeneration/rehabilitation), and also an MSM supplement for inflammation and a muscle builder supplement for weight. He was kept in a small pen for about 6 months during treatment and then moved to a larger pen for about a month and eventually into a small pasture (about 80’x80′). He’s had a slight regression due to moving around more and I had stopped his supplements, so I hope that getting him back on those supplements will help. Good luck and remember that this disease is a very SLOW one to overcome. You should also get a Spinal Tap if you can. That will tell you for sure if you are dealing with EPM, as there are a ton of other problems out there that, even with a positive blood test, it could be.